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Aus meiner Mailbox:

Janet McCartney

Everyone is invited to a sale of secondhand children's clothes and related items (eg children's DVDs, equipment, linen, books etc) on Thursday 26 April between 10am and 1pm. The venue is Aravantinou 19 in Ekali (just off Parnithos and quite near the Mega AB supermarket).

The sale is being held to raise money for the Anglican churches in Athens (St Peters & St Pauls) and charitable causes / deeds supported by the church.

We are still looking to collect more children's items to sell at the sale so if you have any outgrown clothes / items that you would like to sell (we will give you back 50% of the sale price) or donate, please contact either Janet on 6949090399 or Sarah on 6973244456. It would be ideal if we could receive the goods prior to the sale so that we have a chance to sort and price them.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th. Children are more than welcome too. There is an enclosed garden with lots of toys and push alongs to keep the little ones amused.

Finally I should just mention that this clothes sale was originally scheduled for Sat 21 April in St Catherine's school hall. This is no longer happening - it is being held on Thurs 26 April in Ekali instead!
Tja, find ich gut, dass so was organisiert wird, aber wie meistens, werden solche Events an Vormittagen, und jetzt auch noch an 'nem Wochentag organisiert, wo viele leider keine Zeit haben.

Trotzdem viel Erfolg an die Organisatoren