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Social Tourism Programmes 16 Apr 2007 114100

By Tina Valaoura

Sources: ΑNA-ΜPA, ΝΕΤ

OEK(Workers’ Housing Organisation) has begun distributing tickets to 2,016 employees and pensioners in Attica for the vernal excursion and alternative tourism programmes as of today.

The programmes concern three and four-day excursions to Veria, Preveza, Parga, Grevena, Nafpaktos and Galaxidi from 19 April-27 May.

Those interested can get their tickets from the organisation’s offices in Athens, Piraeus, Peristeri and Nea Ionia.

The programme includes alternative tourism, offering three and four-day excursions for hiking and rafting fans in Ladonas, Agia Lavra and the River Neda.

Meanwhile, 160,000 OGA (Agricultural Insurance Organisation) policy holders can apply for eight-day free summer vacations in Greece and five-day free vacations Cyprus as of today.

Farmers interested in joining the programme can submit their applications to KEP (Citizen Service Centres) centres from 16 April – 11 May. They need to submit all necessary documents, that is their police ID, their OGA Health Booklets, as well as those of their protected members of their family certified in 2007.